We give content creators a risk-free, no-cost, alternative way to increase their income and support their channels. We do this by providing them with a new revenue stream through the selling of branded merchandise.

In short, the experience of each new partner of Inkersclub goes like this:

  • Step 1. Become a Partner

    The content creator gets in touch with Inkersclub through any of the available contact methods. We discuss about the content creator's needs and we setup a plan on how we could make it work. We go through the needed paperwork and the content creator becomes an official Inkersclub partner. He/She is assigned an account manager. The account manager will be tha main point of contact with Inkersclub. Inkersclub’s Account Managers are brand guardians; they live and breathe to make sure both our partners and our partners' fans stay happy.

  • Step 2. Get your Artwork

    We work closely with our new partner in order to design his/her merchandise catalog. We first decide on the products that will be available for sale and from there on we start designing custom artwork with the help of our illustration team. At this step we take product ideas and make them a reality. We work closely with our partner in order to make sure that the art style used matches his/her needs and personality. When everything is ready, we go on with producing and stocking the first batch of our partner's merchandise.

  • Step 3. Get your Free E-Shop

    We develop our partner's e-shop and list all the available products for sale. The e-shop is the main source of our partner's brand merchandise. We take care so as to make sure that the online shop's look and feel is in line with the partner's art style. At the same time we provide our partner with the necessary material (individual graphic assets, social media cover pages, profile pics etc) that will facilitate him/her in the task of promoting the newly launched e-shop.

  • Step 4. Track your Sales

    We launch the e-shop and make sure that everything (from placing an online order through to producing/packaging/shipping and providing customer support) works like a charm. At the same time the partner is able to track his/her sales in real time and go on with his/her daily activities without having to worry about anything else.

  • Step 5. Get Paid

    At the end of each month the partner gets a detailed report on the last month's performance of the e-shop. Once all the orders are cleared the partner receives his/her commission.

  • Step 6. Keep the E-shop Alive

    We keep the e-shop alive. Every time the need of a new product/design arises, the partner gets in touch with his/her account manager and they both decide on the concept of the new product/design. Our illustration team then takes over and new artwork is designed. If the artwork gets approved by the partner, the e-shop gets updated.

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